Improvement by nature


Hepac is a Dutch company that produces crude porcine heparin. Product safety, reliability and traceability are key drivers.

With a strong orientation towards the pharmaceutical market, we want to be the trusted partner by continuous research and innovation.

All crude heparin is processed at our own facilities in Loenen and Burgum, the Netherlands.


Hepac is a relatively new name on the heparin market, but is one of the operating companies of Darling Ingredients. This means that it is backed up by a strong and international organisation with over 125 years of experience in production of products from animal origin for pharma, food, petfood and feed markets. 


Extensive knowledge of and experience with sourcing animal by-products makes that Hepac has excellent access to the highest quality of raw materials. For this purpose Hepac has a strong cooperation with Darling Ingredients’ specialist in sourcing of natural casings, CTH. CTH has more than 30 years of experience in harvesting mucosa. This makes Hepac a reliable supplier.

Turn-key supplier

Hepac is a dedicated organization with high-quality products. As a specialized company, we are always on the move trying to find new ways to fulfil the role of a turn-key supplier that today’s market requires. We are a turnkey supplier and bring experience and added value to our customer’s production process, all with natural products. This vision is reflected in our slogan: “improvement by nature”.


We are dedicated to producing high quality crude heparin. Our concept is based on managing the entire production chain, from raw material sourcing to processing, after sales and R&D. This enables us to offer maximum product traceability, optimal quality and added sustainability.