Adding value

On today’s heparin market it is not only a product meeting the specifications. Hepac controls the supply chain from materials and quality perspective which are mandatory for this industry.

Supply chain process

Hepac harvests porcine intestinal mucosa in gut rooms operated by its sister company CTH. The enzymatic hydrolyses process and subsequent binding to the resin is performed at the Hepac facility in Burgum (NL).

At Hepac’s facility in Loenen (NL) the heparin is desorbed from the resin, precipitated and dried. 


The porcine intestinal mucosa is sourced directly at abattoirs where we are seamlessly integrated in the slaughtering process. This close cooperation guarantees fully traceable raw material. The origin of Hepac’s crude porcine heparin is fully traceable to farm level. As you may expect are all other applied raw materials, i.e. resin, enzyme, etc. also fully traceable.


Hepac’s heparin is solely isolated from porcine intestinal mucosa. The mucosa is harvested in EU approved abattoirs, from pigs of which the meat is approved for human consumption after both ante and post mortem inspection by the veterinarian authorities. We work in full compliance with HACCP, ISO and under certification of the Dutch Food Authority (nVWA). Hepac’s facilities are approved by the Dutch Health Authorities (IGZ) and US Food and Drug Administration (US-FDA).


Hepac guarantees a product that is free of any contamination. This is achieved by high level hygiene protocols at the abattoirs and at the Hepac plants. The expertise of our trained and well skilled staff enables Hepac to safeguard the quality standards in the best possible way. 


With sourcing from renowned European Abattoirs, we have a balanced spread in suppliers of raw materials. A steady flow of raw material in combination with robust processes and state of the art process equipment ensures a high delivery reliability.


Utilizing animal by-products that are released during meat production is a sustainable activity by nature. Nevertheless we set ourselves goals to take it one step further. With state-of-the-art techniques and top technologists we continuously improve the processing of the heparin by-products (peptones).

This resulted in patented processing systems and remarkable application results in animal feed. We care for the environment and natural resources. A comforting thought, when using Hepac crude heparin.